Lebanon Satellite View

Association Najdeh

Palestinian Association which works since 1978 in the production of traditional Palestinians embroidery (Tatreez). During the process of identification Cives Mundi met with each of the 7 Tatreez’s organizations. Najdeh has been chosen for being one of the pioneers in the production of the Tatreez in the camps and for its presence in all the camps. In addition, it adds value with a presence in the field of head offices in the main camps and the Al-Badia program, which has various shops in the camps and other one in Beirut that allows giving a major outlet to the products. Partner indicated to implement the project.


The Spanish Foundation for the Innovation of the Craftwork (Fundesarte) is a public state entity in charge of promoting the Spanish craftworks inside and out of Spanish borders. It is a non-profit-making entity assigned to the Department of Industry, Energy and Tourism which main objective is to improve the competitiveness of the craftwork companies. Its experience and networks make it a key asset for this action. It will be in charge of giving TOT courses, supporting cascade training sessions for women trainers as well as in connecting the cooperative created with platforms of craftworks in the net and in Europe.


The creativity of this Syrian company of Palestinian embroideries makes it as the best one in the region. Its director is one of the most recognised experts in Tatreez in the world and the pioneer in the concept of social entrepreneurship in the region. Anat support of the action is essential. Anat will be in charge of giving TOT courses as well as supporting cascade training for the trainers. Likewise, Anat will do the cooperative monitoring and will provide commercial links in the region.

Palestinian Committee of Cultural Revival

This committee gathers all the organizations of traditional Palestinians embroidery (Tatreez) and works in the 12 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. It is composed of 9 associations. Two of them are cultural and 7 are embroidery focused: Najdeh Association, Inaash, Jamiat Muassat, Beit Atfal-al-Sumud, Touraz Baladna Association, the GUPW, and the Palestinian Red Cross. It is a key institution for the coordination, the regulation application and the action policies offered to the Tatreez workingwomen as well as for the fulfilment of the foreseen study.


Regional leaders in training, it is a key agent in management training department of the beneficiaries in the creation of small-sized enterprises as well as in the cooperative creation, monitoring and legal counselling.

General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW)

As a local representative of women from the Palestinian Authority in all the refugee camps in Lebanon, the GUPW has a key role in legal, lobby and political change (as well as to provide networks it has in all the Lebanon’s camps) in favour of equality of the woman in the economic and political insertion, as well as in their own management.

Popular committees

Local authorities in the camps are key agents in the coordination with political parties and local leaders (economic, military and religious) as well as in the dissemination and execution of policies that could be favourable to the Palestinian woman refugee.